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Contact Denver7 recovers more than $50,000 for Coloradans so far this year

Contact Denver7 recovers more than $50,000 for Coloradans so far this year
Posted at 9:58 PM, Aug 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-18 23:59:44-04

DENVER — When you can't get answers, Contact Denver7 is our promise to fight for you.

So far this year, our Contact Denver7 team has recovered more than $50,000 for consumers in Colorado. That's just the start of what we're doing to hold companies and officials accountable.

From a Boulder teacher charged for an iPhone she didn't buy to a Highlands Ranch mother needing her insurance to pay for medication to save her daughter's eyesight, sometimes shining a light on a consumer problem is the best way to solve it.

This year, the Contact Denver7 team has exposed the broader issue of Colorado's weak consumer protections around used cars, while helping Daphne Adams get her $1,500 deposit back from one dealership.

We have also covered "the ambulance gap," an insurance loophole hurting Coloradans like Mary and Alvin Gordy. Their $1900 ambulance bill was dropped completely.

"It's just a huge weight off of our shoulders," Mary Gordy said .

No concern is too small, such as Xcel not keeping up with mowing in Aurora or Comcast not removing low-hanging lines in a Lakewood backyard.

We helped cut through red tape for several families after delays in SNAP food benefits. And we helped a Fort Collins small business get fake Google reviews removed.

Our goal is to give voice to those who feel they aren't being heard, such as Megan Larson, who was upset with Amazon's response after an Amazon driver hit her parked car.

"It didn't need to take this long. It was so cut and dry," said Larson. Amazon eventually paid her more than $6,000.

Then, there was a $4,500 Midas "typo" that Christina Cimino couldn't get resolved for months until Contact Denver7 stepped in to ask questions.

"We're eternally grateful for you guys because like I said, it's a large chunk of money, and it's really frustrating," Cimino said .

In a time when communication seems easier than ever, getting a response from a real person can seem harder than ever. Contact Denver7 is listening and looking forward to helping Coloradans.

Editor's note: Denver7 seeks out audience tips and feedback to help people in need, resolve problems and hold the powerful accountable. If you know of a community need we can address or have a story idea for our consumer investigates team to pursue, please email us at or or call (303) 832-7777. Find more Contact Denver7 stories here. You can also use the form below to request help from Jaclyn Allen and the Contact Denver7 Team.


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