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Low-hanging cable wires removed for Lakewood man after Contact Denver7 steps in

Forrest Stanford said he couldn't get through to Comcast because he's not a customer.
Low-hanging cable wires removed for Lakewood man
Posted at 5:35 PM, Apr 26, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-26 19:35:35-04

In Forrest Stanford's Lakewood backyard, there is a lot to see.

"My wife does [the landscaping]. This last winter, she built a labyrinth," said Stanford.

But there was one thing he hated to see.

"It was kind of dangerous," he said, referring to two cable lines that kept drooping lower and lower. "I could reach up and grab — it was two lines — and I could just grab them."

The lines were dropping over the area where they recently planted a tree in their friend's memory.

Stanford said he tried to contact Comcast through its website. When he was unsuccessful, he found a number to call and was referred to another number.

"I called, and it was their technical service number. And they wanted to know right away my account number, which I'm not a Comcast customer, so I had none. And the fella wouldn't talk to me and just hung up," Stanford said.

He said after a few more failed attempts to reach a person, he reached out to Contact Denver7. After contacting Comcast the next day, a technician removed the lines from Stanford's backyard.

"So, it made a big difference. Now it's gone, and a lot of room for the tree to grow," said Stanford. "Couldn't ask for anything better!"

In a statement to Contact Denver7, Leslie Oliver, a Comcast spokeswoman wrote, “Channel 7 is a valuable partner to Comcast and the broader community as we work every day to keep people connected to what matters most to them. The station brought Mr. Stanford’s concern to our attention, and our dedicated field technicians were happy to quickly resolve the issue for him.”

Customers who have questions or need help with their Xfinity products and services may get help through the chat feature on their Xfinity App on their mobile devices or through their account online. Customers can also call 1-800-Xfinity to speak with someone who can help with questions.

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