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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas: Totals from Dec. 8-9 Colorado snowstorm

Posted at 9:21 AM, Dec 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-09 15:46:03-05

DENVER — It's beginning to look a lot like the holiday season in Colorado and the Denver area Saturday as many woke up to a blanket of snow.

More than a foot of snow fell in some parts of Colorado while the Denver metro area saw anywhere from 0.4 inches to more than 7 inches.

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Here are the latest snow totals over the past 24 hours reported to the National Weather Service as of Saturday morning. Click here if you are unable to view the following table:

2 NE Rollinsville, CO12.8
1 N Sunshine, CO12.2
5 W Aspen Park, CO12.2
1 SSW Crescent Village, CO11
3 S Conifer, CO11
1 NNW Genesee, CO10.7
3 WNW Divide, CO10.2
6 S Divide, CO10
Winter Park, CO10
4 ENE Nederland, CO10
7 NW Cuchara, CO10
1 W Ken Caryl, CO9.7
4 NNE Florissant, CO9.5
1 SSE Rye, CO9.2
1 ESE Nederland, CO9.2
1 SSE Beulah, CO9
2 SSW Wetmore, CO9
1 SE Florissant, CO9
Aspen Springs, CO9
1 E Beulah, CO8.6
2 N Aspen Park, CO8.3
1 NE Brookvale, CO8.2
1 NE Brookvale, CO8
Crystola, CO8
5 NNE Spanish Peaks, CO8
1 SW Copper Mountain, CO8
4 E Camp Bird, CO8
2 SW Golden, CO7.8
3 S Evergreen, CO7.8
Palmer Lake, CO7.6
1 N Pueblo West, CO7.5
1 WNW Boulder, CO7.5
3 NW Boulder, CO7.5
3 SSW Boulder, CO7.5
1 W Boulder, CO7.4
2 WSW Lakewood, CO7.3
3 NW Black Forest, CO7.3
1 W Allenspark, CO7.3
2 NW Boulder, CO7.3
2 S Boulder, CO7.3
2 W Boulder, CO7.2
1 ESE Pueblo West, CO7
2 SSW Pueblo, CO7
5 E Jamestown, CO7
1 ESE Ken Caryl, CO7
2 SW Chatfield Reservoi, CO7
3 SSW Evergreen, CO7
1 NNE Pine Junction, CO7
Woodland Park, CO7
3 SW Breckenridge, CO7
1 ESE Ken Caryl, CO6.9
2 SE Buffalo Creek, CO6.9
3 N Cokedale, CO6.9
1 SE Pueblo West, CO6.8
1 W Walsenburg, CO6.7
5 WSW Blende, CO6.6
1 NW Pueblo West, CO6.5
Kassler, CO6.4
3 NW Boulder, CO6.2
2 N Boulder, CO6.2
4 NNE Ken Caryl, CO6.2
6 SSW La Veta Pass, CO6.2
2 W Colorado City, CO6
2 ESE Lakewood, CO6
2 SE Keystone, CO6
5 E Monument, CO6
4 W Pinewood Springs, CO6
2 NNW Golden, CO6
1 W Wheat Ridge, CO5.9
2 SSW Rocky Flats, CO5.9
1 ESE Manitou Springs, CO5.9
1 SSW Arvada, CO5.8
Buffalo Creek, CO5.8
4 NNW Peterson AFB, CO5.7
3 NNE Bailey, CO5.6
2 N Pueblo West, CO5.5
1 NW Pinewood Springs, CO5.5
2 WSW Sheridan, CO5.5
2 NNE Monument, CO5.5
2 WNW Chatfield Reservo, CO5.5
1 W Woodland Park, CO5.5
1 WNW Walsenburg, CO5.5
1 NW Walsenburg, CO5.5
2 SE Penrose, CO5.3
3 NW Arvada, CO5.3
1 SW Snowmass Village, CO5.3
Arvada, CO5.1
2 WNW Blende, CO5
5 S Hillside, CO5
3 NE Air Force Academy, CO5
Wah Keeney Park, CO5
4 NNW Mount Crested But, CO5
3 SSE Colorado Springs, CO4.8
2 SSE Arvada, CO4.8
Meeker Park, CO4.8
2 E Colorado Springs, CO4.7
3 NW Black Forest, CO4.7
1 NW Westcliffe, CO4.6
1 NNW Arvada, CO4.6
4 NW Peterson AFB, CO4.5
7 E Wetmore, CO4.5
1 N Pueblo, CO4.5
1 ENE Arvada, CO4.5
2 SW Niwot, CO4.4
2 S Estes Park, CO4.4
5 WSW Black Forest, CO4.3
2 SW Estes Park, CO4.3
2 E Manitou Springs, CO4.2
4 N Peterson AFB, CO4.1
2 NE Arvada, CO4.1
2 SW Black Forest, CO4.1
2 NNW Louisville, CO4.1
1 WNW Colorado Springs, CO4
2 N Colorado Springs, CO4
5 W Westcliffe, CO4
4 NE Colorado Springs, CO4
2 W Niwot, CO4
2 W Estes Park, CO4
2 NNW Sheridan, CO4
3 NNW Sheridan, CO4
3 NE Cripple Creek, CO4
2 NNW Gulnare, CO4
2 SSE Breckenridge, CO4
2 WNW Lafayette, CO3.9
1 ENE Westminster, CO3.8
7 NNE Black Forest, CO3.8
2 SSW Elkdale, CO3.8
6 NNW Peterson AFB, CO3.7
4 NW Arvada, CO3.7
1 NW Niwot, CO3.7
3 SSE Hygiene, CO3.7
Longmont, CO3.7
4 N Peterson AFB, CO3.6
3 S Colorado Springs, CO3.6
2 SW Estes Park, CO3.6
2 N Louisville, CO3.6
3 SE Canon City, CO3.5
3 NE Colorado Springs, CO3.5
1 NW Federal Heights, CO3.5
5 WSW Calhan, CO3.5
5 S Black Forest, CO3.5
2 S Hygiene, CO3.5
1 E Edgewater, CO3.4
3 NNE Niwot, CO3.4
1 ENE Littleton, CO3.4
1 NW Broomfield, CO3.3
7 NNW Peterson AFB, CO3.3
1 NW Broomfield, CO3.3
2 SW Cherry Hills Villa, CO3.3
1 SE Littleton, CO3.3
2 NE Westminster, CO3.2
2 E Broomfield, CO3.2
3 SSE Hygiene, CO3.2
3 SSW Boulder, CO3.2
1 N Castle Rock, CO3.2
2 NNE Falcon, CO3.1
4 NE Air Force Academy, CO3.1
3 WNW Mishawaka, CO3.1
5 NNW Peterson AFB, CO3
2 WNW Peterson AFB, CO3
5 WSW Pinon, CO3
2 NW Loveland Pass, CO3
5 WSW Calhan, CO3
3 WNW Castlewood Canyon, CO3
2 N Longmont, CO3
Lafayette, CO3
Littleton, CO3
2 N Cherry Hills Villag, CO3
1 SW Eldora, CO3
2 NW Colorado Springs, CO3
4 ENE Manitou Springs, CO3
1 SSE Highlands Ranch, CO3
6 WNW Sugarite Canyon S, NM3
15 NE Des Moines, NM3
20 NE Des Moines, NM3
Coal Bank Pass, CO3
3 SSW Castle Pines, CO2.9
3 E Denver, CO2.8
5 SSW Black Forest, CO2.8
6 SSW Black Forest, CO2.8
3 N Erie, CO2.8
2 WSW Northglenn, CO2.7
1 ESE The Pinery, CO2.7
2 SSW Castle Rock, CO2.7
2 NE Northglenn, CO2.6
3 SE The Pinery, CO2.6
1 NE Littleton, CO2.6
Security, CO2.5
3 S Federal Heights, CO2.5
2 NE Cherry Hills Villa, CO2.5
3 N Calhan, CO2.5
4 ENE Cedar Point, CO2.5
3 ENE Highlands Ranch, CO2.5
4 E Canon City, CO2.5
2 WSW Lone Tree, CO2.5
Texline, TX2.5
4 S Black Forest, CO2.3
Lafayette, CO2.3
1 NW Lone Tree, CO2.3
4 WSW Drake, CO2.2
3 NE Longmont, CO2.1
1 WSW Lafayette, CO2.1
2 NNE Elizabeth, CO2
6 S Calhan, CO2
6 SSW Black Forest, CO2
2 SW Niwot, CO2
1 NNE Lafayette, CO2
5 NE Folsom, NM2
7 ENE Grenville, NM2
1 WNW Clayton, NM2
15 NW De Beque, CO2
2 N Heeney, CO2
Molas Pass, CO2
Red Mountain Pass, CO2
4 NNW Aurora, CO1.8
2 WSW Parker, CO1.8
3 SSE Silver Plume, CO1.8
1 NNW Grant, CO1.8
5 SE Commerce City, CO1.7
2 NE Thornton, CO1.7
3 WSW Frederick, CO1.7
2 N Black Forest, CO1.5
3 N Foxfield, CO1.5
2 WSW Buckley AFB, CO1.5
4 WSW Berthoud, CO1.5
2 N Raton, NM1.5
1 N Raton, NM1.5
Grenville, NM1.5
Felt, OK1.5
1 NW Heeney, CO1.5
7 NW Colona, CO1.5
1 WSW Aurora, CO1.4
4 SSW Mead, CO1.4
1 SE Todd Creek, CO1
Elizabeth, CO1
2 ESE Foxfield, CO1
10 E Arapahoe Park, CO1
Folsom, NM1
1 WSW Clayton, NM1
12.1 S Kenton, OK1
Stratford, TX1
2 SSW Telluride, CO1
Hugo, CO0.7
1 N Lawson, CO0.7
Poudre Park, CO0.5
4 ESE Cedar Cove, CO0.5
4 NE Firestone, CO0.5
Denver Intl Airport, CO0.4
3 WNW Fairplay, CO0.1


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