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Denver heat wave this weekend could break records with 100-degree temps expected

It is rare to see more than two back-to-back 100-degree days in Denver with that only happening 15 times since 1872, according to NWS data
Posted: 1:05 PM, Jul 09, 2024
Updated: 2024-07-09 20:46:52-04
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DENVER — A high-pressure system baking portions of California is expected to roll into Colorado later this week, bringing prolonged heat and potentially dangerous conditions in the Denver metro and across the state as afternoon highs and overnight lows are expected to soar into record-setting territory.

After milder weather conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday, Denver’s thermometer starts heating up starting Thursday through the weekend.

“The big heat is building, we’ve already seen excessive heat warnings, record-shattering temperatures out west and for the desert southwest as well and that heat is moving into Colorado, so be prepared,” said Denver7 weather forecaster Katie LaSalle.

While the Denver metro’s forecast afternoon high temps by the end of the week have shifted above and slightly below the 100-degree mark over the last couple of days, it is likely to hit the three-digit mark and slightly above that each day starting on Friday through Sunday.

Denver last hit 100 degrees on June 25, 2024, a temperature not recorded at Denver International Airport since August 5, 2022.


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The last time Denver hit a streak of three consecutive 100-degree days was in June 2021 and before that, in July 2012. That year was a scorcher in Denver and according to NWS data, the city saw the most 100-degree days ever in a single year with a record 13 days in the triple digits.

It is rare to see more than two back-to-back 100-degree days in Denver — it's only happened 15 times since 1872, according to NWS data.

If Denver reaches 100 degrees 3 times through this weekend, that would bring this year’s total to 4 days of 100-degree heat, ranking 2024 in the Top 10 of 100-degree days by year.

The hottest temp on record of 105 degrees in Denver was tied on July 20, 2005. This past June made weather headlines in Denver when the NWS said it was the second-warmest on record coming in just behind the scorcher of 2012.

denver7 day forecast.jpg
Scorching hot temps later this week in Denver's 7-day forecast.


Here’s a look at how high temperatures are expected to peak over the weekend either Saturday or Sunday in these Colorado communities.

  • Akron: 101°
  • Boulder 98°
  • Denver 101°
  • Fort Collins: 101°
  • Fort Morgan: 104°
  • Greeley: 102°
  • Julesburg: 103°
  • Limon: 98°

It’s a warming trend that’s expected to start on Thursday, according to NWS forecasters. “Temperatures will begin their climb Thursday as afternoon highs are expected to be a few degrees warmer than Wednesday's forecast (in the) low 90s, with portions of the plains approaching triple digits,” said the weather service in its forecast discussion.

Communities in the higher elevations will not escape the heat wave with temperatures at elevations around the 7,000-foot level mark expected to reach the 90s before tapering off into the 80s/70s.

As of Tuesday, there were no heat advisories in place but are likely to be issued as the forecast unfolds.

Denver heat wave this weekend could break records with 100-degree temps expected

The potential for record-high temperatures stretches across communities along the I-25 corridor and through the plains. If there is moisture to be had in Colorado, any storms would likely form over mountain communities with most of the rest of the state unfortunately remaining dry, according to the NWS.

“This extended heat can have negative impacts on health, especially those sensitive to heat. It is essential to stay hydrated in these conditions and check on loved ones and pets while these conditions persist,” added the NWS.

colorado extreme heat this weekend.jpg
A look at potential high temperatures across Colorado this weekend.


To break heat records in Denver, the afternoon high temperatures would need to break these previous records for the following days:

  • July 11: 102° set back in 1954
  • July 12: 101° set in 1971
  • July 13: 100° set in 2003
  • July 14: 100° set in 1878

For context, the normal afternoon high in Denver for this time of the year is 90 degrees.
Along with the potential health impacts, Xcel Energy urged customers to follow certain tips to help reduce electricity costs during the upcoming heat wave. Customers can conserve energy by opening interior doors to improve air circulation, closing drapes and blinds during the day, and running large appliances like washing machines outside the hottest periods of the day.

To see the 100-degree temps in Denver infographic in fullscreen mode, click this link.

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