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Luvin' Arms Animal Sanctuary saves Lyons' beloved Lucky the Cow

Townspeople convinced farmer not to slaughter him
Lucky the Cow
Posted at 7:21 PM, Feb 08, 2022

ERIE, Colo. — If an animal is cute, furry and likes to play - why can't it be a pet?

The townspeople of Lyons felt that way when a large group rallied together to convince a farmer to give up his suddenly-beloved steer, Lucky. He now resides at Luvin' Arms Animal Sanctuary, a local organization that houses abused and abandoned "farm" animals.

"It gives me hope for a better future ... if Lucky can take a whole community single-handedly," said executive director Shartrina White while showing Denver7 around their facilities. "That gives me hope that people will begin to see that our species are not so different, and that everyone is deserving of compassion."

A few months ago, Luvin' Arms received an email from a Lyons woman named Yolanda, saying that many families in the town had fallen in love with Lucky. They pet him when they passed the isolated patch where he resided.

Watch Lucky's story to learn how he was saved and see where he now gets to live with his many new bovine-pals.