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Explore some of the most well-preserved dinosaur tracks in the world at Triceratops Trail in Golden

It's very hard to find T-Rex tracks like this, and for free!
Triceratops Trail
Posted at 8:56 PM, Jul 13, 2022

GOLDEN, Colo. — If you're looking for a fun, educational (shhh!) activity for the family, you can rarely go wrong with something involving dinosaurs.

Denver7 took a tour of Golden's Triceratops Trail, a walk through the past that does not often get as much attention as its companion up the road, Dinosaur Ridge.

However, this quarter-mile trek features some snapshots of the past that Dinosaur Ridge does not have. For example, it has tracks from the apex predator, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which has a lot of history in this town.

"The first T-Rex tooth ever found in the world was right here in Golden," said former geologist Kermit Shields, who gave Denver7 a tour earlier this afternoon.

In the above video, you can see more of the 68 million-year-old tracks and traces on a trail that is free to explore.