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Disability Pride Month: Golden woman with dementia overcomes debilitating diagnosis to complete her dream hike

Holly Hodge, 59, suffered a stroke a year and a half ago, and underwent grueling physical therapy to be able to leave her wheelchair
Holly Hodge
Posted at 7:08 AM, Jul 11, 2023

GOLDEN, Colo. — When your dreams are staring at you from across the street, it's hard to give up on them- even when doctors may think it's not possible.

Holly Hodge, a 59-year-old Golden resident with dementia, also suffered a stroke about a year-and-a-half ago, forcing her to rely on a wheelchair. However, she really wanted to try hiking the mesa that she could see from her apartment window.

"Whatever Dementia [does], we still care - and we still have dreams," she told me, during a tour of her home.

After a year of grueling physical therapy, Holly defied the odds given by her doctors and worked hard to be able to walk again. It was not easy, but her endless enthusiasm empowered her to keep pushing forward.

"[There were] tears, but they were good tears," she said.

In the above story, you can see the moment Holly completed her dream hike, and join me in awe of this woman's unbelievable will to persevere.