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Denver Museum of Nature and Science's newest exhibit transports you to a time of pharaohs and mummies

Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs exhibit
Posted at 9:13 PM, Feb 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-25 23:23:33-05

DENVER — Looking to escape the cold this weekend? Experience what the desert was like 5,000 years ago with a tour of "Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs" at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

"We have in this exhibit over 350 artifacts from ancient Egypt," said Dr. Michele Koons, curator of archaeology for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. "These artifacts mainly are from different museums in Europe, and so to be able to put them on display here in Denver is a rare opportunity."

Those artifacts aren't always grand golden sarcophagi. Some give you a better idea of what life was like back then, from how ancient Egyptians slept to their skincare routine.

"Egyptians were really into beauty and really into cleanliness, and I think that's really neat," said Koons.

You can even learn how to write in hieroglyphics.

On a more royal level, you can learn about the famous male pharaohs like Ramses and King Tut, along with the unsung female rulers who haven't been gifted the same attention.

"One of my favorites right here is Hatshepsut," said Koons. "She was a female pharaoh. Oftentimes, people think queen, but she was a pharaoh... She ruled for 22 years, pretty much a peaceful time. She did lots of building and had a really successful reign."

Speaking of notable ancient women, they also have a female mummy, Lady Ta-Khar. With modern technology, they have been able to render Lady Ta-Khar's face so we can see what she might have actually looked like today.

With pieces ranging from actual artifacts to interactive digital recreations, we can learn 5,000 years of history in one trip.

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