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Cycling Without Age offers unique rides to seniors celebrating a milestone

Local woman celebrated 100th birthday with trishaw ride
Cycling Without Age
Posted at 8:00 PM, Feb 14, 2022

DENVER - At 100 years old, it's not every day that you get to try a brand new experience.

However, that's exactly what Cycling Without Age offers seniors when they're celebrating a milestone. On Monday, they threw 100-year-old Rachel Augustine a birthday party, featuring a ride on a unique, Danish contraption called a trishaw.

"The gratitude is just amazing... People are so grateful that we can bring joy to their mom and dad," said the Barb Lotze, president and founder of the Littleton chapter. "The seniors...They say, 'Oh, I've ridden, I've walked, and I can't do that anymore. This helps me be mobile, talk to people, and be in nature.'"

The bikes cost $13,000 and come from Copenhagen. However, since this group's formation in 2019, generous, local fundraising has enabled Barb to buy four. In fact, its popularity has exploded so fast, they gave over 1,100 rides last year and have garnered over 40 volunteers.

In the above video, you will meet Monday's V.I.P. Rachel and her family. They spoke about how special this experience was, and why the neighborhood they chose made it all the more emotional.

To sign-up a senior you know, you can head to CWAlittleton.com.