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Check out what's on the menu this season at Coors Field

Elvis Shake
Posted at 8:50 PM, Apr 07, 2022

DENVER — This year at Coors Field, you can drink (eat?) like the King.

Denver7 visited the Rockies' ballpark Thursday afternoon for Media Day and got to try some of the newest dishes coming to the menu this season. Perhaps, the most anticipated item is a milkshake inspired by Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich.

"Our chef came up with this great idea. He was reading a story about Elvis coming to Denver late night on a plane for a snack," said Brian Arp, general manager for Aramark at Coors Field. "So we came up with this banana milkshake, put some peanut butter syrup in it. We started with Cracker Jacks [because] we had to make it baseball [related] — and then we garnish it with candy bacon. And we call it the Elvis shake."

In addition, Coors Field will also debut Denver Steak & Cheese Fries, as well as a Louisiana Red Hot Chicken Sandwich featuring Louisiana Red Hot Sauce.

In the above video, you can watch Denver7's Danny New try all these foods

"I promise I chewed with my mouth closed," New said.