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Dog owner whose Great Dane attacked woman at Home Depot in Evergreen could be charged, deputies say

Denver7 spoke with Animal Control officials who shared an update following a dog attack at Home Depot
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Posted at 4:25 PM, Apr 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-07 20:55:29-04

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — A woman is recovering after a dog attack inside a Home Depot in Evergreen.

Denver7 spoke with Animal Control officials in Jefferson County who provided an update on the incident that took place on Mar. 31

Animal Control officials said the incident happened after a woman went up to the dog and its owners and asked if she could pet it.

The owners told her to first give the dog a treat as part of its training, according to Jennifer Dow, Animal Control Supervisor for Jefferson County.

"The dog sat nicely, took the treat gently from her and then all of a sudden lunged at her face," said Dow.

The victim suffered serious injuries and will need surgery. While the store's customers and employees were helping the woman who was injured, Jefferson County officials said the owners left the scene.

They were able to later locate them thanks to an anonymous tip after the sheriff's office posted photos online, asking for the public's help in identifying the owners who were captured on surveillance.

Dow said the owners have been cooperating but are now disputing that it was a dog bite and say it was a headbutt.

"It's unclear right now, whether it was a headbutt, basically, or a bite. We're still waiting for more reports from the doctor's office," said Dow.

She said that will determine what charges the dog's owners will face. They could be charged with dog bite off premises under owner control, which is a misdemeanor, or they could face charges for harboring a vicious dog, which is a petty offense.

Denver7 asked if they could face additional charges for leaving the scene.

"We don't have any ordinances like that, unfortunately, like a hit-and-run type of thing. But it would have been the responsible thing to stay and make sure she was OK and give her all the information because she clearly needed to seek medical care," added Dow.

Officials said the dog is a Great Dane and is at home under quarantine for ten days to ensure it is not showing any signs of rabies.

Dow is urging the public to make sure to have total control of pets at all times.

"Your dog is basically your property, your pet," said Dow. "Dogs are unpredictable, no matter how well-trained they are. You never know."
The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is awaiting more information from doctors to determine what charges the owners will face.

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