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All Adams County trails and dozens of roads closed due to flooding, damage

Adams County flooding
Posted at 9:56 PM, May 12, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-13 13:36:49-04

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. - Dozens of roads in Adams County are closed after record rainfall damaged streets.

The following streets are closed as of Friday and will remain closed until further notice.

  • 26th Ave., between Yulle Road and Wolf Creek Road
  • 64th Ave., between Piggott Road and Wolf Creek Road
  • Piggott Road from 80th Ave. to 88th Ave.
  • Old Victory Road, from Highway 36 to Highway 79
  • 72nd Ave., from Bradbury-Krebs Road to Xmore Road
  • Road 15, from Bradbury-Krebs Road to Xmore Road
  • 26th Ave., from Strasburg Road to Comanche Drive
  • 26th Ave., from Piggott Road to Yulle Road
  • 48th Ave., from Strasburg Road to Piggott Road
  • 112th Ave., from Headlight Road to Nordbye Road
  • 112th Ave., from Behrens Road to Horrogate Road
  • 72nd Ave. from Converse Road to SH 79
  • 80th Ave., from Schumaker Road to SH 79
  • Cameron Drive, from Guy Court to O’Brien
  • Converse Road, from 128th Ave. to 144th Ave.
  • Converse Road, from 88th Ave. to 112th Ave.
  • E. 112th Ave., from SH 79 to Converse Road
  • 104th Ave., at Manilla Road and at Tumbleweed Court
  • 64th Ave., from Converse Road to Schumaker Road
  • Converse Road, from 88th Ave. to 64th Ave.
  • 72nd Ave., at Converse Road and SH 79
  • 80th Ave., from SH 79 to Schumaker Road
  • 112th Ave., from Himalaya Road to Picadilly

All Adams County trails are also closed, which include:

  • South Platte River Trail
  • Clear Creek Trail
  • Niver Creek Trail
  • Little Dry Creek Trails.

Crews have been out assessing and closing down roads in the county since Thursday. In some places, the water was so high that cars got stuck and drivers needed to be rescued.
"That's how it has been throughout the whole county. It's not really an isolated incident. It's pretty widespread throughout our county," said Adams County Highway Foreman Dylan Engelsman.

With some roads still covered in deep water, it's challenging for crews to assess if the damage is minor or serious. They do believe the damage and impact to the county collectively is severe.

"Hopefully some of the water will keep receding, and we can start opening more roads up as necessary or as allowed. Then we can start emergency repairs as allowed," said Engelsman.

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It's the first time in 10 years that all four trail systems in Adams County needed to be shut down.

"I think the last time we did was in the floods of 2013," said Byron Fanning, the director of Parks and Open Space for Adams County.

While some parts of the trails are dry and visible, the impact of flooding is sporadic and widespread, prompting the closures.

"We've had some washout, that we're going to have to go back in and stabilize before we can open the trail back up," Fanning said. "There's plenty of stretches of the trail that are just fine, but you go around the corner and you could end up under water."

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While speaking to Denver7 near the trail, several bicyclists rode by — something the county says shouldn't be happening until the trail system is deemed safe.

Road crews also hope drivers abide by their road closed signs too.

"We know it can be an inconvenience, but we're going to be working to get these roads back online as soon as possible," said Englesman.

Other parts of the Denver metro area were also impacted by record-breaking rainfall. On Saturday, Colorado Parks and Wildlife announced that the east and west boat ramps at Cherry Creek State Park will be closed due flood damage.

flood damage.png
Road damaged at Cherry Creek State Park due to flooding.

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