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Denver police arrest suspect in string of luggage thefts at Denver International Airport

DIA baggage claim
Posted at 9:45 PM, Jun 11, 2024

DENVER — The Denver Police Department has made an arrest in a string of luggage thefts at Denver International Airport.

On June 1, Patricia Swanson arrived at DIA's baggage claim carousel 18 and discovered one of her bags was missing. Days later, a Denver PD detective left her a voicemail saying her bag had been stolen.

"It was taken by a known luggage thief that we had filed on a couple days prior," the detective said in the voicemail.

Denver7 Investigates obtained the arrest affidavit for Keith Moore, who is accused of stealing eight bags at the airport in just a couple of hours on May 24. He's "suspected of additional bags as well," according to the affidavit.

Moore was arrested at the airport on May 24, but after he was released, he returned to the airport on June 1 and took Swanson's bag, according to Denver police.



Woman's luggage stolen from baggage carousel at Denver International Airport

Bayan Wang
8:10 PM, May 26, 2023

Denver7 reported on the issue of stolen luggage last year after another passenger, Djenita Svinjar, obtained a video of two women stealing her bags.

"What's the bigger issue to me is this probably happens every day," said Svinjar.

Stolen bags are an ongoing issue at DIA. As of June 1, 111 bags have been stolen from the airport this year, according to Denver police. In 2023, 298 bags were stolen, compared to 324 in 2022 and 239 in 2021.

A spokesperson with Denver International Airport declined to comment on security concerns but said in a statement to Denver7 Investigates that Denver PD "takes several steps to prevent and minimize luggage/bag theft at DEN."

"DPD takes several steps to prevent and minimize luggage/baggage theft at DEN. DPD officers are assigned to the terminal and regularly patrol the luggage/baggage claim area, and detectives investigate luggage theft reports with goal of holding offenders accountable for these crimes. Additionally, DPD officers assigned to DEN periodically work special assignments to target luggage thefts."

Denver police arrested Moore again Monday night on theft charges related to Swanson's stolen luggage. Meanwhile, that suitcase was discovered in the airport's lost and found on Monday.

"Apparently the thief dumped it, minus most of the contents," said Swanson, who has already left Colorado.

Denver7 Investigates contacted United Airlines, who put the bag on the next flight to Swanson's hometown.

"If you guys played a part in getting the bag on an airplane today, we appreciate it," said Swanson. "But I just want to shed light on this that a lot of people are experiencing this at DIA, so there's got to be a better security system in place. And they need to be accountable for this."

A Denver PD spokesperson said they "encourage DEN patrons to be vigilant with their bags and notify police if they see a potential crime being committed."

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