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Idaho Springs senior center in need of funding to restore historic building's exterior

Posted: 6:09 PM, Apr 24, 2023
Updated: 2023-04-25 16:44:45-04
Project Support

IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. — A senior center in Idaho Springs is asking for help in its quest to restore the historic building's exterior.

Miner Street was the perfect place to retire for Joyce Maulis, 90.

“With everything right here, it makes it a wonderful retirement place,” said Maulis, who's called Project Support Senior Center home for 10 years now. “We could sit on the porch, people would go by."

Her husband, Walt, would join her on the porch. He has since passed away. Now, it's just Maulis and her dog in Project Support's low-cost senior living apartments.

“We base it on 30% of your total gross monthly income,” said Donna Kline, board president of Project Support. “We have a couple at the $425 rate. We have a couple at $725.”

All utilities are included. Kline says a lot of other services happen within the walls.

“We also house Volunteers of America, who does a great many things, Meals on Wheels, transportation services,” Kline explained.

Project Support is currently in the process of preserving the the building's exterior. The building was originally built with wood in 1886 before burning down. It was then rebuilt with brick.

“The bricks were sundried bricks. They aren’t as solid as oven fired bricks, and so consequently, the building has disintegrated a little bit. And so, erroneously, the building has been painted. Try thinking that was a way to preserve,” said Kline.

The building's preservation will cost roughly $250,000, according to Kline. The state's historic preservation fund will help, but it won't cover the total cost.

“The state requires a 25% grant match, which, for our case, would be about $70,000,” said Kline.

Idaho Springs senior center in need of funding to restore historic building's exterior

Project Support has raised around $60,000.

“We’ve pretty much tapped out all of the companies around here that can give. So, we’re now looking at people who have the same passion for the elderly,” said Kline.

“We just need donations, you know, people interested in preserving this and to give a place to the seniors where the rent isn’t outrageous,” said Maulis. “We just need it for the seniors.”

Kline says the preservation grant from the state will be good for two years.

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