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Denver7 Gives raises thousands to help replace stolen firefighter gear

Donors give $11,000+ towards stolen equipment
Posted: 3:45 PM, Nov 25, 2023
Updated: 2023-11-25 17:45:57-05
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When we first met Ryan Muchmore last month, we found out the Fort Collins firefighter and former Army Ranger had more than $15,000 worth of firefighting gear stolen from the back of his truck after he made a stop in downtown Denver.

Insurance did not cover it.

"It should not have been back there. You know, it was my mistake for actually leaving it back there," said Muchmore.

But friends and family reached out to Denver7 Gives to see if the person used to giving help could get some.

"I think it's probably hard for Ryan to ask for help," said Michael Bothwell, who works with Muchmore. "But he's a go-getter, works hard. From the beginning, he took full accountability for it. So any money that can help them would be would be awesome."

His wife, Bri Marsico, is working on her PhD, and said Muchmore, supports the family, picking up extra shifts and serving his community.

"I can't think of anyone who deserves this more," said Marsico.

Denver7 Gives viewers heard the call and donated $4,455 to the Denver7 Gives fund, and people also donated to the family's GoFundMe account, which has topped $7,000, dramatically reducing the amount Muchmore owes.

"I think it'll be right around $4,000 [left to pay] when all is said and done, which is a much more manageable amount, thanks to everybody," said Muchmore, who added that his faith in good people has been restored. "We seriously cannot thank everybody enough. It's easy to kind of get down in the dumps a little bit, but then when something like this happens, you can see the bright side from it a little bit."

Denver7 features the stories of people who need help and now you can help them with a cash donation through Denver7 Gives. One hundred percent of contributions to the fund will be used to help people in our local community.

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