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Denver7 Gives helps Hacker family replace computer, tablet

Technology necessary to research aid
Denver7 Gives' Jaclyn Allen helps Hacker family replace computer, tablet
Posted at 6:22 PM, Jan 07, 2022

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For three generations, the Hacker family has lived on this land in Old Town Superior.

"That used to be our master bathroom," said Caroline Hacker, surveying what is left of their home and their father-in-law's home. "It's just so devastated. Everything is so gone."

The fireplace built by Courtland Hacker's grandfather is one of the only things left standing after the Marshall Fire tore through their property.

Their family home was destroyed during the 2013 floods and completely rebuilt.

"I can't imaging going through another disaster," said Caroline. "Really, it's been one day at a time."

Generous donations from Denver7 Gives viewers are making one day at a time a little easier on this day. All of the family's electronics, their computer, tablet and phone chargers, burned in the fire.

"When I was told you need to leave now, I was thinking, 'What do I need for the next couple hours of my life?'" Caroline remembered."Not, 'What do I need to get for the rest of my life?'"

Not having electronic devices has made it challenging to fill out forms needed for insurance, federal assistance and work.

"These days, there's a lot you can do on an iPhone. But again, there's a lot of forms we have to fill out, but I was not able to do that through my phone," said Caroline. "So then I had to figure out who has a computer that I can use, and it's added a lot of work to the so much work we have already."

So Denver7 Gives took them shopping to lighten some of that load and bring back some sense of normality.

"The kid can't watch his favorite show before bed because we don't have our iPad," said Caroline. "Getting back to anything normal, you know, this is necessary, and it's just helpful."

Their insurance won't come close to replacing their home and everything they lost inside.

Denver7 Gives also donated $200 in Amazon gift cards to help as they move into their new rental house on Monday. Caroline says she's making a mental list of things she'll need.

"A blender, a coffeemaker, plates and cups," she said. "Thank you so much. There's so many justifications to just give up right now. To have this opportunity to receive is really what's offering hope to move forward."

Moving forward with the support of their community and the strength that has kept them standing for generations, the Hackers are bracing themselves for what is next.

"Thank you to all the viewers that donated," said Courtland Hacker. "The big question in my mind is, is everything going to be okay? And for you guys donating to us makes it feel a little bit more that it's gonna be okay."

To donate directly to the Hacker family, click here.

The family has also created an Amazon wish list with items they need, click here.

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