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Denver7 Gives helps Cullen family with needs after Marshall Fire

Donations buy gift cards for other Sagamore families
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Posted at 6:54 PM, Jan 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-05 16:06:24-05

The Cullen family lost everything they owned in the Marshall Fire last week. Their home was one of hundreds burned in Boulder County's Sagamore neighborhood.

"I ran out of the house without shoes on," said Kate Cullen, who was wearing donated shoes that were a size too small Tuesday. "The little things, you worry about the kids first and take care of yourself some other time."

On Thursday, they were shooting cell phone video of what they thought was a storm blowing into their backyard. By the time they realized the danger, the Cullens barely had time to load their twin 8-month-old boys and 3-year-old daughter into the car, leaving behind the car seats to make it out alive.

"I think the firefighters just didn't realize how fast it was moving at first," Kate Cullen said. "I was in the backseat. We don't, we didn't have car seats. We just had the bases, I'm sitting in the bases holding my babies and just their diapers and my 3-year-old screaming. We almost lost our lives. I really thought that I was going to lose my husband, you know, and myself and my babies in that, in that car."

The family made it out with their lives, but little else. On Tuesday, they met with their Sagamore neighbors, a community like family, and held a moment of silence.

For those who have lost so much, the response has been incredible.

"We have angels, basically, flying around us everywhere," said Bill Cullen, who used some of the money donated to his GoFundMe to buy gift cards for neighbors in need.

Thanks to the donations of Denver7 Gives viewers, Denver7's Jaclyn Allen passed out $100 Target gift cards to help meet the immediate needs of five other Sagamore neighborhood families who met to grieve their loss.


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Denver7 Gives also took the Cullen family on a shopping run to buy baby supplies for the twins, clothing and a couple of toys for their 3-year-old daughter who lost all her toys.

"For as much as we lost, we're just as much blessed," Kate Cullen said. "Thank you so much. I do watch the segment all the time, and it's always so touching. I usually find myself in tears. I just never thought that we'd be on the receiving end, and it just means the world. So, thank you all so much. Thank you so much."

Denver7 features the stories of people who need help and now you can help them with a cash donation through Denver7 Gives. One hundred percent of contributions to the fund will be used to help people in our local community.

From housing to food banks and everything else in between, there are many ways people affected by the Marshall Fire can get help — and how you can help — following last week's devastating wildfire. Click here for more.