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19-year-old in need of help after northern Colorado home destroyed in fire sparked by lightning

Posted: 4:12 PM, Jul 04, 2024
Updated: 2024-07-04 20:34:24-04
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CARR, Colo — At just 19 years old, Chas Mosby thought his life had finally started. He started renting his first home in Carr, roughly 87 miles north of Denver, at the beginning of June. But a few weeks later, his dream was taken away in a flash.

"We heard a big boom," said Mosby.

While performing an oil change on a car with several of his friends, the group noticed an incoming storm. After hearing a lightning strike, Mosby and his friends went outside and noticed a fire in the nearby brush.

Immediately, Mosby started pulling cars out of his garage while his friends dumped buckets of water from a nearby well on the flames. Unfortunately, the well water quickly ran out and the flames set fire to Mosby's home.

Mosby was able to run back inside the home to turn off the propane tank and prevent an even more dangerous situation. As the fire burned, the teen said he could hear the propane tanks stored behind the house start to explode.

"I couldn't see a thing," said Mosby. "I just heard the tanks firing off."

Fire departments from Wyoming and Colorado both responded to the fire. Crews worked more than 10 hours, in part because of the lack of fire hydrants near the home.

"This place was perfect for me," said Mosby. "I hadn't been here long but I already had so many memories here."

Chas Mosby with his parents the day he moved into his home in Carr.
Chas Mosby with his parents the day he moved into his home in Carr.

Mosby said he planned to buy the home from the owner once he saved up enough money. That dream is now even more distant.

In addition to losing the house, Mosby's tools for repairing cars were destroyed. He calculates the loss at nearly $30,000. The teen was only able to salvage his truck, some cash and the clothes on his back.

“There's nothing I can get back. It's literally all gone," said Mosby.

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