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Denver7 360 invites you to share Your Opinion here to be featured on Denver7 | About the process

Denver7 looks for concise opinions that share a personal perspective that can help other readers
Posted: 11:37 AM, Apr 10, 2022
Updated: 2022-05-10 23:33:11-04

As part of our mission to bring you in-depth news coverage on complicated topics that matter most to you, we feel it’s important to not only hear from the governor or police on issues that affect the community, but also from doctors, policy-makers, advocates and, ultimately, from you – our Denver7 community, no matter your race, gender, religious beliefs, or political affiliation.

Denver7 360 is introducing Your Opinion so that we may add depth, unique perspectives and elevate important, diverse community voices alongside our news coverage.

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Denver7 360 | Your Opinion works in two ways. First, Denver7 will proactively reach out to notable community members, industry leaders and subject matter experts to share unique perspectives and solutions on topics in the news and the issues we all face.

Second, we value your unique perspective and experience and invite you to write to Denver7 360 with your opinion and reaction to any Denver7 story you see. You can think of these as traditional “letters to the editor.”

If you have a perspective or opinion you’d like to share with Denver7, which could ultimately be shared in a newscast or online, feel free to do so using the following methods:

● Email to
Must include full name and phone number or email address

● Denver7 360 | Your Opinion contact form

● Snap a photo of the Denver7 360 QR Code using the camera on your phone to go to the opinion form right on your phone.


● Mail a letter to:

Denver7 360 | Your Opinion
123 Speer Blvd
Denver, Colorado 80203
(Please include phone number)

Please be mindful of the following:

1. A submission can be of any length, but the preference is under 500 words. Most times, shorter is better, but longer opinion pieces may be accepted. Text may be edited for clarity.

2. Submissions must be exclusive to Denver7 and must not have appeared in other news outlets or publications, including self-published blogs, beforehand.

3. By sending us a submission, you are attesting that you are who you say you are, that the submission is original, that the submission does not violate the intellectual property rights of anyone, and that you are giving Denver7 a world-wide, perpetual, royalty free license to use your submission on air, on the web or on any other electronic platform.

4. Transparency is key. Make sure to include your full name and ways to contact you (this is required for verification purposes). If we publish your submission, we will typically include your first and last name and city, unless otherwise noted. Denver7 will not accept anonymous letters or letters written under pseudonyms, except in rare circumstances to be decided and explained by Denver7.

5. Denver7 will seek out 360 opinions from local experts with informed opinions on topics in the news. In these cases, we will request a brief biography that will appear in the opinion article.

6. Diversity of thought as well as thoughtful commentary on topics that are relevant to Coloradans is highly encouraged. Objectionable language, rants, defamation, solicitations, or story pitches will not be considered.

7. We want to offer commentary that is compelling enough to stimulate our readers and viewers to question their own perceptions and beliefs around a certain topic. However, Denver7 reserves the right to ultimately decide what gets published on our website, social media platforms and what makes it on air.

Why is Denver7 doing this? Simple. We want to engage with our audience beyond just the confines of social media and elevate the voices of everyday Coloradans to continue to build trust. It’s about giving you, our audience and community, a voice so that you can feel represented in our coverage.

How do we select a Denver7 360 | Your Opinion for publication?

● Denver7 looks for concise opinions that share a personal perspective that can help other readers look at a topic from another point of view. We want to broaden understanding.

● A rotating committee of three Denver7 editorial employees will select publication opinions based upon among other things, the following criteria:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Relevancy to topics in the news
  3. Uniqueness
  4. Diversity of thought

● Denver7 shall maintain final editorial decision-making over all submissions.

● Following copy editing of an opinion piece for clarity and fact-checking, the piece will be accepted by an executive producer or higher editorial position before publishing across Denver7 platforms.

● It’s important to note not all opinions will be published. Denver7 will reach out to let you know if your piece will be shared online or on air. If you haven’t heard from Denver7, most likely your letter won’t be published.

● Denver7 may reach out inviting you to record your opinion through audio or video to be shared more broadly across our platforms.

● Denver7 360 | Your Opinion pieces will be clearly labeled as opinion with full credit to the author. Submitted opinion pieces are attributed to the author to provide perspectives on important topics but are not to be considered Denver7 news coverage and do not reflect opinions or views of Denver7 or its employees.