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Denver roads remain icy into Thanksgiving; drivers question why more snowplows aren't being used

Drivers say they want more snow cleared from the roads
Posted at 10:21 PM, Nov 27, 2019

DENVER — The roads have gone from undrivable to terrible after Monday’s snowstorm, and drivers want to know why more streets aren’t getting the snowplowing treatment.

“I lost traction quite a bit, saw a couple of accidents, couple cars sliding,” Kirsten Arneson said. “I was definitely worried. I have snow tires too, 'is my car going to make it?'”

Chunks of ice spilled into lanes, while some roads were covered with a thick layer of ice in Denver.

“I don’t think they are plowed as well as they could be plowed, but as long as I have lived in Denver, they don’t really plow that much, especially in the neighborhoods that I live,” Greg Drumm said.

Drivers said side streets seem to be the most difficult to travel in the snow.

“The residential streets are horrible,” Arneson said.

Denver Public Works puts more focus on clearing snow from main streets, designating 68 large plows for main streets and 36 small plows for residential streets.

Plows only do a single pass on residential streets and they don’t go down to the bare pavement.

Which concerns drivers, as AAA expects this Thanksgiving to be a record breaker for travel in Colorado.

And the snow isn’t going to melt any time soon with temperatures staying in the 30s through Thursday.

Drivers are advised to take it slow and be more cautious on side streets.

State roads and highways should be clear.