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Denver celebrates 0.3 inches of snow — its first measurable snowfall of the season

Latest first snowfall record established; city falls ties record for longest snow-free period
denver snow dec 10 2021
Posted at 11:42 AM, Dec 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-10 13:54:01-05

DENVER – It’s official, Denver — the snow-free streak is finally over.

A whopping three-tenths of an inch of snow fell at Denver International Airport Friday, setting the new record for the latest-ever first snowfall in a season and putting 2021 tied for first all-time on the list of longest snowless streaks.

The airport, where official measurements are taken, had seen a trace of snow a couple of times earlier this fall but had yet to receive the necessary one-tenth of an inch considered to be measurable snow.

Denver’s previous latest first snow date was Nov. 21, 1934, so this year smashed that record.

And Friday morning’s brief storm was robust enough to put an end to Denver’s snow-free streak, which started on April 22 and now has ended after 232 snow-free days — which is actually good to tie the all-time record set in 1887.

The National Weather Service had previously reported that there were 235 consecutive snow-free days back in 1887, but said Friday they determined that some days had been miscounted and that the record was actually 232 days.

"Using data from Denver's daily precipitation and snowfall logs, as well as data from the official monthly climate summaries, we were able to correct a couple of dates on our list. This is why recording AND maintaining climate records is important!" the NWS Boulder said.

Downtown Denver got 2 inches in several places, but since official measurements are made out at the airport, 0.3 inches will be the measurement that stands for Dec. 10, 2021.

Pueblo also saw its first measurable snowfall of the season Friday morning, receiving 1.1 inches of snow.

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