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Dangerously hot weather welcomes fans for All-Star Game in Denver

Posted at 5:11 PM, Jul 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-08 23:40:33-04

DENVER -- After hitting 100 degrees on Thursday and the potential for more record-breaking heat on the way, fans in town for the All-Star Game will be greeted with hot weather.

"We’re going to push everyone to drink lots of water, we have plenty of water fountains inside but we will definitely want to push people to drink some water, stay hydrated, find some shade, go inside, take a break if you’ve been outside," said Jacqueline Secaira-Cotto, Director of Special Events for the MLB.

The MLB is stressing the importance of staying hydrated at all of their events leading up to and including the All-Star Game. An official added that water will be available at all events, although you will have to buy it at the ballpark.

Denver Health Paramedics say they typically field a lot of heat-related calls this time of year. Out-of-town visitors might not be used to the heat or the altitude which can cause further dehydration.

“People that are outside on a day like today are going to be prone to dehydration and then prone to heat-related illness and then the altitude can make that even worse," said Lt. Will Berry with the Denver Health Paramedic Division.

Berry said most hydration-related illnesses can be avoided if people take proper precautions. He said it's important to take breaks from the heat when possible and stay hydrated. A cold beer might sound tempting but it could only make the situation worse.

"Avoid alcohol as much as you can. I know that’s difficult then you want to celebrate the festivities but if nothing else, please meter the amount of alcohol you’re drinking, it can make all of the symptoms of heat illness worse and make you more susceptible to heat related illness," said Berry.

The forecast calls for a slight cool down over the weekend with highs in the mid and upper 80s, with temperatures increasing to the low 90s by the start of next week.