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Outdoor workers take bone-chilling temps in stride as arctic blast settles along Front Range

Bitter cold air here to stay for a few days
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Posted at 5:56 PM, Feb 22, 2022

DENVER — Some days require a little more preparation.

“Two pairs of yoga pants, postal pants, a thermal shirt, a t-shirt, another sweatshirt, and then a vest and a sweatshirt,” said mail carrier Korrie Sedgwick with the USPS. “I know what I’m doing.”

The temperature never got out of the single digits in Denver on Tuesday, marking one of the coldest days of winter, so far.

“I think if the wind picked up, you know, my face would hurt,” Sedgwick said.

There are those who move from door to door as quickly as possible on days like this and then there are those who move you.

Marco Medellin was moving furniture for a client without a coat.

“You don’t even have a coat on,” said Denver7’s Russell Haythorn.

“Nah, you stay pretty warm just going back and forth,” said Medellin with Amazing Moves.

Medellin says they show up no matter the weather.

“It’s cold, don’t get me wrong,” he said. “This is pretty cold, but it’s Denver. what are you going to do?”

Construction workers like Paul Nobling don’t have much of a choice, either.

“You don’t look that cold?” asked Haythorn.

“No, I’m actually always in a T-shirt, usually,” Nobling said. “I’m from Iowa; this is not cold.”

“What’s real cold?” asked Haythorn.

“North Dakota,” Nobling said. “I’ve seen 68 below. Yeah, that’s real cold.”

“It’s cold, but you just keep moving,” Sedgwick said. “I love my job. That helps.”

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