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'This storm is the worst I've seen': Hail pummels Eastern Colorado farm

Sunday's storm brings feet of hail to Mile High Farms in Bennett.
'This storm is the worst I've seen': Hail pummels Eastern Colorado farm
Posted at 8:29 AM, Jun 10, 2024

BENNETT, Colo. — With a view of the horizon that seems endless on the Eastern Plains, Mile High Farms has a sprawling piece of land that hosts a pumpkin patch and corn maze in the fall.

However on Sunday, the land was covered in hail. In some spots, Bill Coyle estimates it was around four feet deep.

“It'll take days for it to actually melt totally off because it's so deep," Coyle, who operates Mile High Farms, said. “This storm is the worst I've seen since I've been here.”

Hail pummels Eastern Colorado farm Sunday

Coyle said it hailed for approximately an hour at the farm, coupled with heavy rain. Denver7 accompanied Coyle as he surveyed his property.

“First off, you always worry about the livestock and their welfare, and then next comes the crops, and then the property damage after that," Coyle explained. “You're concerned about all of it.”

Coyle said so far this summer, the storms have actually been favorable for wheat farmers. However, Sunday's storm surprised Coyle.

“I knew that there was a chance of severe weather today," Coyle said. "It can go to the north or to the south, but this time it hit the bullseye.”

He grows wheat, pumpkin, corn and hay on the property. He also has cows, sheep and alpacas living on the land. All of the animals were safe after the storm.

Coyle said, only time will tell if the crops are too far damaged following the storm. He believes some will have to be replanted.

The rushing water on the property also means Coyle will begin cleaning up as soon as possible. Still, this is the lifestyle he loves.

"It gets in your blood," Coyle said about farming. “It's very fulfilling."


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