Opening Day: 10-month-old celebrates 1st Rockies home opener, joins 25 years of tradition

Posted at 7:52 PM, Apr 07, 2017

DENVER — Rockies baseball fans filled Coors Field on Friday for the first time this season. With an away opening game at the beginning of the week, Denver rounded it off with the much anticipated home opener.

Some fans make this a family tradition each year and they're hoping it catches on for the new generations.

Stephanie Bradford, 25, has been coming to Opening Day since the park first opened in 1993. She has almost all of the opening day pins to prove it.

“When I got older I realized maybe I should have something to show that I have been to every single one of these,” she said. 

Bradford’s 10-month-old son, Carter, is at the very beginning of his baseball fan career. Bradford took Carter to Spring Training to introduce him to the sport his family loves. It’s this long family tradition that keeps every generation coming back each year.

“It’s something that always brought us together, no matter what we were doing it was something that we always planned on,” Bradford said. “Playing on the rock pile, and the games and events and just getting the snow cones and everything.”

After the game on Friday, Carter could be at the start of his own pin collection too.

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