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Scorigami! The obscure NFL history the Broncos made – again – in 29-12 win vs. Browns

Sunday's final score – 29-12 – was a “scorigami,” a name given to a never-before-seen NFL score.
Posted: 2:14 PM, Nov 27, 2023
Updated: 2023-11-28 11:58:20-05
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The Denver Broncos are in the history books again.

Not for the NFL’s longest active winning streak at five games, or for their unlikely ascent into the thick of the AFC playoff picture, but rather for the unique score of Sunday’s victory over the Cleveland Browns.

The final – 29-12 – was a “scorigami,” a name given to a never-before-seen NFL score. The X account @NFL_Scorigami, which tracks such scores, says the Broncos’ win was the 1,081st unique score in NFL history.

In case you missed it, Denver reached 29 points via three touchdowns, two field goals and a garbage-time safety. Cleveland kicked two field goals and scored a touchdown after which it missed a two-point try.

The Week 12 slate of NFL games saw a couple of other rare scores. According to @NFL_Scorigami, Green Bay’s Thanksgiving Day win over Detroit was only the sixth-ever 29-22 final, and Atlanta’s win over New Orleans was just the eighth 24-15 contest in league history.

The Broncos, though, have now been a part of two scorigamis this season. Their 70-20 shellacking at the hands of the Miami Dolphins in Week 3 was the 1,077th unique score in NFL history, according to the account.