'It was an inside job': DeMarcus Ware reveals how his Super Bowl ring got stolen

Posted at 4:54 PM, Nov 27, 2016

DENVER – Broncos outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware finally revealed how his Super Bowl 50 ring was stolen by alleged burglars last month.

In an interview for FOX Sports, Ware sat with Michael Strahan to talk about “positivity and the burglary of his Super Bowl ring.”

“I was at a game… you know, usually, after a game you have your family over and, you know, you’re starting to get ready for it the next day… and I go in my closet and my safe is not in it,” Ware told Strahan.

“And so, I’m like, ‘somebody had to be here and stole something out of my house.’”

“So nothing else was out of place?” Strahan then asks.

“Nothing at all,” Ware responds.

Ware then recounts how he remembered his security cameras and tells Strahan how the alleged thieves were excited once they found the Super Bowl ring.

Strahan then asks if the thieves worked near his home.

“They worked in the building, actually,” Ware told Strahan, who then asked if it was an inside job. “It was an inside job,” Ware said.

Watch the full interview below: 

The alleged burglars were caught and the ring was recovered a day after committing the crime, on Oct. 26.

The suspects have been identified as Billy McCaslin, 40, and Sergio Irreza, 31. They were arrested in Commerce City thanks to a Crime Stoppers tip, according to John White, a spokesman for the Denver Police Department. 

Court records show McCaslin is a convicted felon who has spent time in jail for child abuse and felony trespassing charges. 

Irreza has a fairly clean record with only a handful of minor traffic violations. 

Denver7's Broncos Insider Troy Renck spoke to Ware about the incident the day the ring was recovered.

Ware told Renck he had planned to file an insurance claim and order a new Super Bowl 50 ring, but recovered it before taking action.

Ware then thanked fans for their support in helping to identify the suspects before the crime was solved. 

"When somebody goes through your things you feel (violated), and it's disrespect. It's not about about material things," Ware said at the time. "You've been through my stuff. So it doesn't feel like home anymore."

When asked what he would have done if he encountered the alleged burglars, Ware said, "I would have sacked them.”


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