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Colorado Avalanche team dentist talks about what it's like treating hockey players

Naturally, they have a lot more ailments than just cavities!
Avalanche team dentist
Posted at 8:55 PM, Jul 06, 2022

DENVER - Being the team dentist for the Colorado Avalanche — or any NHL team — is never boring.

Denver7 spoke with Dr. Dan Selner, the Avs' team dentist for the last nine years, about his time treating hockey players.

He says while they have plenty of regular dental problems, it can get complicated.

"Sometimes, during the game, you'll see somebody get, you know, a slap shot right in the face, and there's blood all over," Dr. Selner told Denver7 at his office in the Denver Tech Center. "And so we go into the training room, meet them and sort it out."

In the above video, you hear more about his time working with the Avalanche, and what kind of dental conundrums hockey players can typically have.