Denver's Jewish community reacts to Iran's airstrikes on Israel

Israel says Iran launched 170 drones, more than 30 cruise missiles and more than 120 ballistic missiles.
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Posted at 8:47 AM, Apr 15, 2024
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DENVER — As Iran launched an attack against Israel on Saturday, Denver's Jewish community told Denver7 that their family, friends and colleagues were hiding out in bomb shelters and safe rooms as missiles sounded.

"This is a time when Jews all over the world, whether they are citizens of the State of Israel or not, are praying for peace, are praying for our family and friends who are in the line of fire. And it is a very sobering and dangerous time," Senior Rabbi of Temple Emanuel Joseph Black said.

Black leads the largest and oldest synagogue in Denver.

Since the attacks started, he said he's been in constant communication with the people he knows in Israel.

He said he's also been talking with law enforcement locally.

As always, he said security will be top of mind for synagogues across the Denver metro area during this time of conflict.

"We are very concerned, but grateful for the support of the United States. We, as the Jewish people, as the State of Israel, friends and family who are in Israel, we are grateful for the support of the United States, for the technology that God willing, will allow these horrific attacks to be minimized," Black said.

Denver7 also spoke with Boaz Meir, a member of Jewish National Fund—USA, who lives here in Denver.

Meir's colleague, who lives just outside of Jerusalem, took a video from her balcony of the missiles overhead.

Meir said this attack has created a sense of panic among the people there, but he is grateful for the support from the United States and other allies.

"This is the first time Iran is attacking Israel directly. The severity of it is something we have been trying to warn the entire Western world for a very long time and sometimes it was hard to believe and unfortunately this is when we say, 'We told you so and it is here,'" Meir said.

This is an opportunity for everyone to stand with Israel and help in any way, Meir said.

Denver7 reached out to Colorado's Iranian Community for comment on the attacks. We are still waiting to hear back.

Denver's Jewish community reacts to Iran's airstrikes on Israel

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