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Thornton man has been snow blowing his neighborhood out of kindness

Neighbors help shed light on his good deed
Thornton man snow blows neighborhood
Posted at 5:26 PM, Jan 27, 2022

THORNTON, Colo. — For years, John Holtz used to clear the snow in front of his home. But one day, he decided to go an extra block, and that decision made a big impact in this neighborhood.

Moments after every snowstorm, you’ll likely see Holtz getting ready to use his snow blower.

"The first blizzard I had that thing, I did my corner and it still had gas so I just kept on going," said Holtz.

Years later, he’s kept the tradition, leaving no sidewalk in his neighborhood untouched.

"Whether the sun is up, nighttime, I coated one neighbor in the dark one time because she walked up in front of me and I didn’t see her and she was bringing me a present for doing her driveway," said Holtz.

Over the years he’s gotten to know most of his neighbors too.

"We have a fight with another house down there. If he catches me doing his driveway he gets mad because he likes to do it," said Holtz.

It's his dedication that caught the eye of his neighbor Myrna Solorzano, who moved in four years ago.

"When we moved in here the first year, I was like, 'Who is doing this?' We don’t have HOA, we don’t live in the upper class, but who is doing this?" said Solorzano.

Solorzano posted video on Nextdoor. For her it was a way of showing the good in her community.

"His daughter showed up in the post and said, that is my dad, and I said, 'Thank your dad for me,'" said Solorzano.

It wasn’t until Thursday afternoon that Solorzano and Holtz finally met for the first time.

"I don’t do it for any recognition, I don’t do it for any other reason. My grandpa brought me up to help people," said Holtz.

A helping hand that won’t end anytime soon.