Uber concerned about proposed Colorado bill regarding driver terminations

The rideshare company plans to launch a digital ad campaign later this week.
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Posted at 10:23 PM, Mar 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-08 00:47:31-05

DENVER — Rideshare company Uber is speaking out against a proposed Colorado bill that would allow drivers who are terminated to pursue an administrative review.

Senate Bill 23-098 would require delivery or rideshare companies to provide transparency regarding fares and the amount that goes to the driver. It would also require transparency about its driver termination and rehiring procedure. Under the bill, drivers who are terminated would be allowed an administrative review, which would be overseen by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

"Arbitrary deactivations do occur where people are just terminated from the app. They don't really have a good reason why and they don't have an opportunity to appeal that decision,” said Rep. Stephanie Vigil, D-Colorado Springs.

The bill passed its first committee last month.

Uber has voiced its opposition to the bill and plans to launch a digital ad campaign against the bill later this week. The ad claims the bill would allow drivers with a history of physical or sexual assault to go after victims.

“The driver is presumed to be innocent unless the company can prove they did it, and it's going to put companies in a position to say, 'Hey, I have to call this rider who survived this incident, traumatize them again, and ask them to come into the state labor department so we can keep this person off the platform or risk this person back on the platform,'” said Harry Hartfield with Uber.

Vigil says several amendments have been made to the bill, including a protection for consumers who report physical or sexual assault. If a terminated driver seeks an administrative review following an alleged assault or sexual assault, the Department of Labor and Employment and driver would not be allowed to ask the complainant for evidence.

“We do have a pretty clear exception in the bill for serious offenses like sexual assault or something like that,” said Vigil.

Another amendment would prohibit drivers from being rehired if they are under investigation by law enforcement.

“The goal of the ad is to make sure riders know about this change and have the opportunity to weigh in with elected officials,” said Hartfield.

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