Denver mayoral race: Which candidates are trending based on, Google data

None of the 17 candidates have more than 8% support, according to recent polling by Axios. But a few have bubbled to the top of internet search trends.
Posted: 1:36 PM, Mar 02, 2023
Updated: 2023-03-02 19:23:09-05
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DENVER — A recent Axios poll of Denver voters shows no candidate among the 17 vying to be the city's next mayor has more than 8% support just 11 days before ballots are mailed.

Fifty-nine percent were undecided, according to that poll, which surveyed 405 likely Denver voters Feb. 9-10.

However, data from and from Google show that a few candidates have at least bubbled up to the top online.

Denver7 profiled each of the candidates last month. You can meet all 17 of them here. Each candidate's interview also lives in its own story on our site.

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2023 Denver mayoral race: Meet all 17 candidates on the ballot

The Denver7 Team
3:46 PM, Feb 20, 2023

Pageview metrics on show these are the five candidates getting the most clicks on our site:

  1. Kelly Brough
  2. Chris Hansen
  3. Lisa Calderón
  4. Kwame Spearman
  5. Andy Rougeot

Video view metrics – the number of people interacting with the video of the candidate interviews, specifically – tell a similar story:

  1. Chris Hansen
  2. Kelly Brough
  3. Kwame Spearman
  4. Lisa Calderón
  5. Mike Johnston

The average time spent by users on individual candidate articles, however, paints a different picture:

  1. Debbie Ortega (5:47)
  2. Leslie Herod (5:27)
  3. Jim Walsh (5:10)
  4. Kelly Brough (5:07)
  5. Trinidad Rodriguez (5:04)

For context, web users spent an average of less than one minute on websites across the internet. Each candidate's feature has at least 3 minutes and 13 seconds of average time spent.

Next, we look at Google Trends data involving searches related to the keywords "Denver mayor." You can see the interest in the race has seen a significant uptick in recent months as the election nears:

And here is a look at trending keyword searches according to Google Trends.

Go here to learn more about the mayoral candidates, and go here to watch all of the Denver Decides forums with candidates for mayor, city council and more.



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Jeff Anastasio
4:15 PM, Feb 23, 2023