Biden sweeps every Colorado county on Super Tuesday: A breakdown of the votes

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Posted at 9:20 PM, Mar 05, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-06 14:35:38-05

President Joe Biden swept all 64 counties in Colorado on Super Tuesday, grabbing an overwhelming 83.6% of the vote, according to numbers from elections data provider Decision Desk HQ Wednesday morning.

The "noncommitted delegate" option added to the Democratic ballot in Colorado garnered just 8.1% of the vote.

Biden dominated statewide, and earned more than 82% of the vote in nearly all of the state's most populous counties including an 85% turnout in Larimer County.

He will win the lion's share of Colorado's 72 Democratic delegates – though the final total is determined by a complicated formula that weighs both statewide vote totals and congressional district votes and will be made official in the coming days.

Biden won in a landslide in every state primary Tuesday, though he did lose the American Samoa Democratic caucus to Jason Palmer.

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