Selfie museums are popping up across the country

Posted at 2:33 PM, Sep 04, 2019

If your favorite work of art is yourself, then you’ll want to visit the latest museum trend popping up around the country. It’s called The Selfie Museum.

They’re in cities from coast to coast, offering a place where photos are not only encouraged, but required. The latest one just opened in Denver, Colorado.

Alex Kurylin and his business partner opened up Denver’s first-ever museum of its kind. Admission will cost you $25.

Over 100 people visited the museum on opening day.

“It’s an interactive museum for Instagram fans who love to take beautiful pictures and post them on Instagram," Kurylin says.

The museums attract the millennials, but families with small children are also buying tickets.

Visitors will find several different rooms with different themes. The rooms include a bubble gum wall, a banana swing, a bathtub, angel wings and a donut wall.

All the installations were created by Kurylin and his business partner, but all the hand-drawn art on the walls were created by local artists.

There are dozens of selfie museums around the country in cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. They plan to open their second location in Seattle in the coming months.