LISTEN: Dispatcher helps Colorado couple deliver breech baby

Posted at 5:17 PM, Aug 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-11 11:38:52-04

VAIL, Colo. -- A 911 call rang out on Friday that forever linked an emergency dispatcher based out of Vail and a baby born safely thanks to her calm guidance. 

Dispatcher Tina Mojzer, who acts as Vail's Public Safety Communications supervisor, happened to pick up a phone call from Patrick and Jen MacKeage. Little did she know she'd be advising the couple on her first childbirth over the phone. 

The MacKeage family called 911 for help after consulting doctors while on their way to the hospital to give birth. They had recently learned their baby was breech and needed emergency help when contractions began days before expected. 

The contractions eventually became so short -- roughly two and a half minutes -- that the MacKeage family pulled off to the side of the road and prepared for birth right then and there. 

That's when Mojzer's expertly calm voice came in handy. 

"Listen carefully and do exactly as I say," Mojzer said. "I'm going to help you deliver the baby." 

Mojzer's first asked all the necessary questions, dispatched emergency ambulance and fire crews to the couple's location on the side of the road on I-70, but knew she would have to give emergency advice. 

One panicked husband and his wife in labor needed her help, and Mojzer delivered -- literally and figuratively. 

Mojzer helped Jen MacKeage position herself for the birth and gave advice as MacKeage began pushing to deliver her second child.

Soon after Jen began pushing, the baby became stuck. 

"Oh sh**...I'm trying to get the baby out," Patrick said. 

Mojzer quickly learned the baby's head didn't make it out, and informed the family that there were rough waters ahead. 

"Okay, this could be a difficult delivery," Mojzer said. "Listen carefully, I'm going to tell you exactly what to do next."

Mojzer instructed MacKeage to squat outside the vehicle with her husband holding the child. She then instructed her to push, and hard. 

"Oh my god, the chord is wrapped around the baby's head," Patrick said soon after his wife repositioned herself.

Patrick asked if he should cut the umbilical chord, to which Mojzer told him no, simply to continue asking his wife to push. 

"I just want you to tell her to keep pushing," Mojzer said.

It didn't take much longer for nature -- and gravity -- to take course, and the baby, now named Kieran MacKeage, was born.

"Oh my God, I've got him!" Patrick exclaimed.

"Is the baby out? Keep the baby between her legs. Is the baby crying or breathing?" Mojzer asked.

"Yes, the chord is wrapped completely around his head," Patrick detailed the birth's next hurdle. 

As Patrick fumbled with the umbilical chord, the phone dropped, and Mojzer continued advising him to gently attempt to remove the chord. 

"I want you to tell me is the baby crying or breathing?" Mojzer questioned.

"No, he's not crying, he's trying to breathe," Patrick frantically responded.

More expert advice would save the day. Mojzer instruced Patrick to wipe the baby's mouth and nose, then dry the baby with a towel for 30 seconds. 

Soon after, the joyful sound of a baby's first cries filled the airwaves. 

"Oh my god, he's breathing!" Patrick yelled. 

With paramedics still on the way, Mojzer continued to advise the happy couple on how to proceed, but the two made time for a little small talk. 

"Does this happen very often?" Patrick inquired.

Mojzer could only reply with, "Not very often, actually." 

She didn't reveal that the birth was her first on the phone.

Thanks to her advice, baby Kieran safely is in the arms of his mom and dad. 

The MacKeage family could only express their gratitude. 


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