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Young man with Down syndrome needs your help finding his beloved Woody toy

Brett help lost Woody toy
Posted at 9:21 PM, Dec 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-30 12:18:09-05

DENVER — There is a very sweet young man with Down syndrome who needs your help. It's not financial help. He needs help looking for something.

While visiting family in Denver last week, Brett lost his beloved stuffed Woody toy from "Toy Story." From Dec. 19 through Dec. 22, Brett and his family were in Denver's Tech Center and Park Meadows area. Sometime before they left, Brett must have dropped his buddy Woody.

This isn't just a toy to Brett.

"Yeah, he just really wants Woody home," said Jennifer, Brett's mom. "Woody is one of his best friends, and Woody has just been with him through everything. He's gone everywhere. We travel all the time, and he goes with us just about everywhere. He's been with Brett to every single doctor's appointment he's ever been to, every single time he's been in the hospital, just such a good friend."

"Part of the family?" asked Denver7 anchor Shannon Ogden.

"He is," Jennifer replied. "Even when he's going to bed at night, if he leaves Woody upstairs, he has to get out of bed and go get Woody and bring him down to his room so he can keep an eye on him all night. He just has to have him with him."

"Brett, I tell you what," Ogden told the family during a Zoom interview. "I'll make you a promise. I'm going to try everything I know how to do to find Woody. No promises, but I'm going to ask everybody who will listen to look. We're going to look under every car in that part of Denver. We're going to look in every hotel. We're going to look everywhere it could possibly be. No promises, but I'm going to put all of Denver on this for you."

"Thank you so much," said Jennifer.

We know it's a needle in a haystack. As a parent of a daughter who has a stuffed rabbit she can't be without, Ogden knows sometimes you have to search through that haystack.

If you are in the Tech Center or Park Meadows area, Brett would sure appreciate you keeping an eye out. If you have any luck, reach out to the Brett's Buddies Facebook page.