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The Triangle Bar, one of Denver's first LGBTQ+ establishments, closes due to homeless encampments, owners say

The bar will reopen briefly on Sunday for a final “Farewell to Triangle” with owners asking everyone to come out and “celebrate the life of the Triangle.”
Posted: 10:17 AM, Oct 05, 2023
Updated: 2023-10-06 14:29:25-04
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DENVER — Ongoing safety concerns about homeless encampments surrounding The Triangle Bar in Denver has forced ownership to close the bar, one of the first establishments for LGBTQ+ Denverites.

Scott Coors, owner of Triangle Bar confirmed to Denver7 on Thursday the bar, which had been a staple in Denver's downtown for decades, is now closed, except for a brief reopening on Sunday.

“With heavy hearts we announce that, effective today, Triangle Bar Denver is closing our doors indefinitely. As confirmed by our survey, the encampments surrounding us pose a health and safety concern that has slowly suffocated our business,” said Coors in a text message to Denver7 reporter Russell Haythorn. “We have worked hard to provide a safe and welcoming place for all members of our community to celebrate, play, and give back to others for the last 6 years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to those of you who have supported us through thick and thin, it’s been a pleasure and an honor to be part of your extended family.”

Denver7 has reported over the past few months the ongoing challenges and concerns facing the bar and neighboring businesses in the same complex including British Bulldog and Cheese Meat Board. All have reported a decline in sales due to homeless encampments near Broadway and 20th St.

Coors, who told Denver7 in August The Triangle Bar wouldn’t have much of a choice but to close their doors for good if the “inescapable problem" of homelessness doesn't improve soon, said the homelessness encampment surrounding the business was swept four days ago.

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Downtown Denver businesses report 40% dip in sales as encampments engulf block

Russell Haythorn
5:55 PM, Aug 16, 2023

“We had a clean neighborhood for less than 24 hours before they moved right back into the space where “gutter house” was,” said Coors in a message to Denver7’s Haythorn. “Our business is now down over 50% and I’m announcing today that we are closing.”

Downtown Denver businesses report 40 percent decline in sales as homeless encampments engulf block

Homeless encampments had surrounded The Triangle Bar and other businesses on three sides after Firestone Tires closed earlier this year. "There's trash, mattresses, sadly a lot of unpleasant things going on," said Coors in August. "It's a little unnerving because you've got people you don't know what mental state they're in, and you don't know — they're probably not dangerous, but you don't know"

The bar will reopen briefly on Sunday at Noon for a final “Farewell to Triangle”, and a beer bust will run from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. with Coors asking everyone to come out and “celebrate the life of the Triangle.”

The Triangle Bar first opened in the 1970s before it shuttered in the early 2000s. The building was renovated and the bar reopened for a second time in 2017, after being closed for nearly two decades.

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