See the 7 pet peeves among Denver residents

Posted at 4:52 PM, May 03, 2017

DENVER — Welcome to ever-growing Denver. It's a metro area that is swelling with culture, nightlife and also annoyed residents. 

Let's take a look at some of those things that grind the gears of city dwellers in Denver: 

1.) Drivers that aren't courteous.

It's not fun to be on a run and have billowing black smoke fill up your lungs. It's also not safe to be crossing a road with a right of way signal, and have a driver nearly clip you on the crosswalk.

Denver residents, who love being active outdoors, hate when drivers don't have courtesy while out and about. 


2.) People who don’t pick up their dog waste.

This crap stinks. Literally. Runners sometimes step in it, it can be toxic in the environment. Denver residents say dog owners should be more courteous. 


3.) Denver is about more than just marijuana and breweries.

Get out and tour a historic building or hit up an art gallery. Do the same when visitors swing by. Denver residents, especially long-time residents, want the world to know Denver has more to offer than its dispensaries and fine brews. 


4.) Bikers not obeying traffic laws/utilizing bike lanes. 

Cyclists listen up: It's great that we're such a bike-friendly city, but residents suggest cyclists don't always follow the traffic rules, or even always use bike lanes set up for them.

Look up traffic laws and share the road! 


5.) Parking is slim in many neighborhoods and it can get very expensive.

Ever tried to park in Capitol Hill neighborhood? It's not easy, and that irks residents who have to scour for spots. Similarly parking downtown can definitely be a hit on the wallet! 


6.) Aggressive panhandling.

Everybody needs to make a living, but it's not easy for Denver residents going about their daily lives while being begged or followed for change. Not all panhandlers are bad, but residents say it can get rough. 


7.) Never-ending construction.

A growing city is great for many things, but not necessarily residents going about their everyday lives. Denver residents say one of their top complaints is at times the great number of projects ongoing in the city. 


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