'Rehab Mogul' has 5 Colorado 'sober living' homes

Bathum will not reveal sober living locations
Posted at 10:56 PM, Jun 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-18 01:00:01-04

The so-called "Rehab Mogul" now claims he has five homes in Colorado, but will not reveal the locations or comment on whether they are correctly permitted.

Christopher Bathum was interviewed on ABC's 20/20 Friday night, following accusations of sexual battery and providing drugs to clients in California.

Bathum denied the women's allegations and is countersuing for libel.

Meanwhile, he has embraced the label "Rehab Mogul," and in an email wrote that Community Recovery Colorado now has five facilities in the Denver area.

"To protect the confidentiality of the clients we do not disclose the name or location of the facilities," wrote Bathum.

But people who have dealt with Bathum suspect there is an ulterior motive for keeping the new locations quiet.

"I would imagine if he's not saying where they are, he's maybe not telling the cities where they are, and they're actually illegal," said Tom Stockman, who experienced that issue first-hand.

He lived next door to Bathum's initially unpermitted sober living house in Parker.

"It was miserable here for us," said Stockman. "There were just massive amounts of people. The back decks, upper and lower, were filled with people smoking and shouting and carrying on." 

Photos from that time show cars parked on the grass and dumpsters in the front yard of the sober living house.

Following neighborhood outcry, Community Recovery Colorado applied to the Town of Parker for a special use permit and was granted one, with a long list of conditions.

Eventually, documents obtained by Denver7 shows that, unwilling to install a required sprinkler system, Community Recovery voluntarily left the house.

"It was such a relief," said Stockman. "We just lived constantly worrying about what might be coming down the road here."

Meanwhile, the other sober living home in the Parker area was forced out by the landlord following community complaints.

In Denver, following a Denver7 report, Community Recovery did belatedly apply for a zoning permit for the rehab center at 2500 Arapahoe St. and it was approved with conditions, and neighbors said the situation has improved.

"Before, it was a bed and breakfast, so it was a big change, you know," said Angie Truijillo, who on the same block. "It brought a whole new, different kind of people into the area. And at first the parking was a real problem."

In Parker, Stockman said that now a nice family lives in the home next door, and he feels sorry for the next neighborhoods Community Recovery moves into.

"Nobody in this neighborhood is opposed to the mission of helping people," said Stockman. "But what was going on here wasn't that. It was just mass chaos."

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