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Nurses helping vaccinate Coloradans are leaving, saying company underpaid them and broke agreement

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Posted at 5:21 AM, Dec 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-23 07:21:16-05

DENVER — They came to Colorado to help with the vaccination efforts as the pandemic continues to threaten the state's hospital capacity. Now, several traveling nurses contracted with Jogan Health Solutions are leaving, blaming the company for paying them lower than what they agreed, failing to pay them weekly, and not reimbursing them for daily expenses they agreed to pay.

"I love Denver," said Jackie Mayfield, a traveling nurse who's vaccinated about 500 Coloradans. "I want to come back. I just can't work and not get paid."

Mayfield said she was hired by Jogan Health Solutions in November and arrived in Denver toward the end of that month. She said she was promised crisis pay at $55 an hour and compensation for her plane ticket, food, local travel and other various expenses.

"They promised us one pay rate and I never received it. Several other nurses have never received it," Mayfield said. "They owe me approximately $4,000."

She said she had to use her own money to pay for expenses the company promised to cover.

In an email obtained by Denver 7 dated Dec. 21, a payroll employee apologized to Mayfield for the inconvenience, saying in part: "The person that was 'working' on your case…honestly, I don’t know what he’s doing. I am going to review all of your payments, expenses, and reports. I will get back to you later today with a solution."

Mayfield said no one contacted her after that.

She said she continued to press the company for pay that was owed to her before a manager told her she is no longer needed and can leave.

"I just left yesterday," Mayfield said.

One of her colleagues, who asked to remain anonymous, is ready to do the same.

"With it being Christmas and New Years ... to be out here working for all these hours and for all these weeks and then not get the money that was advertised to me is just like, it's unfortunate," the nurse said.

Denver7 has attempted to reach out to Jogan Health Solutions several times Wednesday. So far, no response.