Bayan Wang

Anchor, Reporter

Bayan Wang joined Denver7 News as a weekend evening anchor and weekday reporter in June, 2021.

The Orange County native served the Bakersfield, California community for two years as an anchor and reporter at Denver7's sister station, before moving to Colorado.

During his time there, he primarily reported on crime, public safety and local politics.

His most notable coverage includes the 2020 disappearance of two toddler brothers, which has made the rounds in national headlines.

His coverage on their disappearance landed him as a special guest on multiple national networks, including Court TV, Fox Nation's Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, the Black News Channel, and his work on the case also appeared on ABC News.

Bayan's other notable coverage includes the 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Ridgecrest in 2019, California's largest earthquake in two decades.

He also reported on former President Donald Trump's visit to Bakersfield, First Lady Jill Biden's visit, the civil unrest and local protests amid the death of George Floyd, the impacts of the pandemic on Kern County, and the political divide in Bakersfield.

Journalism aside, Bayan married the love of his life, Nicole, in 2019. His second love is basketball. He plays competitively at least five days a week and you can find him on the courts at Washington Park throughout the Summer.

Bayan is half Chinese and half Iranian. His father was born in Taiwan and was raised in New York, before moving to Los Angeles. His mother was born in Tabriz, Iran and was raised there till her teens, before the Iranian revolution forced her family to flee the country as refugees. Bayan speaks Farsi and wishes he learned Mandarin too. He has one younger brother named Justin.

Bayan is always open to hearing from the community. You can reach him by email at and yes, he always replies.


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