Mountaineer searching for Beare: Russia's Mt. Elbrus is easy, but its crevasses can prove deadly

Posted at 5:42 PM, Jul 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-08 00:42:23-04

DENVER — The mountaineer who searched high and low on Mount Elbrus for missing Littleton police officer Steven Beare is visiting Denver and expanding on the details of his search, specifically how Elbrus differs from some Colorado mountains. 

Russia's Elbrus is described as a double volcanic cone and an immense mountain, mountaineer Don Bowie said. 

"This mountain has two very distinct personalities which can be confusing and can allow for somebody to underestimate the mountain easily," Bowie explained. 

The search took Bowie on foot and in helicopter through many nooks and crannies, often just feet away from the snow below. The goal was to thoroughly search the crevasses which make it more of a challenge than some understand.

"Literally five of 10 feet off these narrow paths is an entirely different world," Bowie described of the hiking paths many first and second-time mountaineers follow. "There's the people oblivious to the fact there is a massive crevasse running underneath them, and this is the only indicator, this hole right here." 

Bowie searched for weeks for Beare, who is believed to have gone missing in a bad storm that swiftly hit the mountain and kept helicopter crews from searching for the man for several days. 

Beare's goal was to summit the world's seven highest peaks and Elbrus was only his second before tragedy struck. 

His wife has not yet given up hope on bringing her husband home, and her hope is fueling Bowie to return to search for the missing Coloradan. 

Bowie is set to return in August after snow melts with the goal of locating and finally bringing Beare back home. 

Beare's wife is continuing to raise funds for those trips. 

Those interested in donating to the efforts can make donations here, or send a check to the Colorado Police Officers Foundation at 2701 W. 84th Ave. #211 in Westminster, CO 80031. In both instances, write Steven Beare's name in the notes section of the donation.