Homeless hitchhiker write-in candidate in Colorado for U.S. president

Perry: 'I speak the truth and smoke weed'
Posted at 5:42 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 21:40:44-04

DENVER -- A homeless hitchhiker is an official write-in U.S. presidential candidate in Colorado, along with six other people. 

Brian Anthony Perry's motto: "I speak the truth and smoke weed."

He is running with the "Joint Party" and readily admits he is not your average candidate.

"Hey, I'm homeless. I've struggled. I've walked all walks of life except gone to war," said Perry.  "I suggest we create our own currency, back it through marijuana and gold and other resources."

Perry is also a filmmaker, traveling across the country making a documentary about a homeless man making a film.

"I've organized a cast of 56 actors, got three production crews," said Perry, explaining his managerial skill.

He is one of six official write-in candidates for U.S. president in Colorado, where all you have to do is fil an affidavit with the state 110 days before the election.

"I just got nine signatures, and I think the notary was $5," said Perry.

In Colorado, protest write-in votes (Mickey Mouse, Paul Ryan) aren't counted unless the candidate has officially filed.

Perry is the antithesis of a politician, openly smoking weed.

"You never hear of anybody killing anybody on some pot," he said. 

And rattling off his rap sheet. "It started as aggravated assault on a public servant, assault on a public servant, retaliation on a public servant..."

In many ways, though, his platform is universal.

"There's more of us struggling who have dreams and ambitions and don't want to just keep living paycheck to paycheck," he said.

Perry knows he won't win, but he just doesn't want to give up on the system, on second chances, on himself.

"We all have dreams. We all go through certain things that no one really knows about," said Perry. "They just see the guy on the corner holdings a sign. That person had a family. Something horrible happened, and stuff like that's going to keep happening."


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