Garth Brooks fans warn about false advertising

Posted at 11:00 PM, Aug 16, 2017

DENVER -- False advertising -- that's what some Garth Brooks fans want to warn about after they bought tickets to a Garth Brook's show at Fiddler's Green and instead found out they were attending a completely different concert.

Last Sunday, the real event was a Colorado Music Hall of Fame Induction concert honoring Colorado artists such as the late singer songwriter Dan Fogelberg, and several high-profile artists were performing his songs.

Brooks only performed one song solo before being joined for the finale by the other artists.

"And I just stood there with my mouth open like... what just happened???" said Michael West, who paid more than $125 for his tickets after he saw a Facebook event promotion for a Garth Brooks concert. "People need to fully investigate the tickets you're buying, especially from a third party because it could be something completely different."

Concert promoters said third-party ticket sellers were scalping tickets for hundreds of dollars, but the face value for most of the tickets was $25.

"It's just a really sleazy part of our business and I hate it," said Chuck Morris, the CEO of AEG Presents and Chair of the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. "It was a magical night, and it's sad that some people got their tickets through third parties with false advertising. It's horrible."