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Farm Bureau survey shows Thanksgiving dinner items are up 20% compared to last year, even more in Colo.

Posted at 8:48 PM, Nov 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-16 22:48:12-05

DENVER — Last year, it was the widespread turkey shortages that threatened Thanksgiving dinner plans. This year, it's their price.

According to an American Farm Bureau Federation survey, a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 guests will cost 20 percent more than last year.

The survey shows the price of a 16 pound turkey is up 20 percent, pie crusts and whipped cream up 26 percent, pumpkin pie mix up 17 percent and three pounds of sweet potatoes are up 11 percent.

According to Colorado Farm Bureau's policy spokesman, Jacob Lebsack, his organization hasn't seen this kind of price hike before.

"This is the largest nationwide increase in Thanksgiving dinner for a party of 10 that we've ever seen in our 37 years survey history," Lebsack said.

The increase is even more apparent in Colorado.

"Colorado shoppers in particular can expect to spend 4.8 percent more than the national shopper," Lebsack said.

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That's why Denver residents like Kathleen Bailey and Melissa Dye have other Thanksgiving dinner plans in mind.

"We're having a chicken, not the turkey," Dye said. "We're having homemade muffins instead of a pie."

Bailey said a cornish game hen will likely be her main dish on Thanksgiving instead of a turkey.

For others planning to save on their Thanksgiving dinner items, consumer experts suggest looking for promotions and holiday deals from grocery stores. They also suggest considering frozen turkeys, which is expected to drop by 14 percent in price this week.