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Ellicott residents say stray dogs are killing their animals

Dogs on the Ellicott
Posted at 9:40 AM, Oct 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-29 11:40:15-04

ELLICOTT — ELLICOTT, Colo. — Dogs on the loose are killing small livestock and pets around the town of Ellicott in eastern El Paso County.

Ellicott resident Cami Mahagan said the community doesn't know if the dogs were dumped or belong to somebody but they have been on "a rampage all summer."

The dogs have killed dozens of chickens from Mahagan’s coup. On a social media site for Ellicott residents, others shared similar stories.

"Our neighbors have lost many, many birds, cats, and we don't even know what else," Mahagan said. "We've heard recently that they've turned aggressive toward some of the larger livestock. One person said they were aggressive toward a person."

Using a security camera, Mahagan got video of the four dogs, which look like German shepherds, running onto her property. She also sent a letter to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office asking for help and direction.

"We understand the sheriff's office is super busy with way more important things, but with the duration of this event and how long it's been going on and the amount of damage they have done, it's getting to the point where it's become dangerous," Mahagan said.

A sheriff’s deputy did meet with residents to discuss the issue. Some have suggested they can just shoot the dogs. The deputy explained there are circumstances where shooting a threatening dog is legal, but there are limitations.

There is also a message for people who think dumping unwanted dogs and cats in rural areas is a good idea.

"It does a lot of damage to where we all live and ultimately it's not safe for the animals. They could get shot. They get run over,” Mahagan said.

Even more common — they get killed by wild animals. The best option for a dog or cat that you are not able to keep is to take it to the Humane Society.