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Dumb Friends League encouraging adoptions of bigger dogs

A new promotion is hoping to alleviate some of the capacity issues at Dumb Friends League after an unprecedented number of animals were relinquished.
Posted at 10:04 PM, Feb 12, 2023

Whether they have long or short hair, whether they're timid or talkative, there are several dogs at the Dumb Friends League that all have something in common – they're big.

"Puppies will fly out our door all the time," said Pam Krider, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Dumb Friends League, "We find that the bigger dogs are the ones that are more difficult to get adopted."


Hammy's adoption ID # is: A0887545

It's been tough, especially when capacity at the Dumb Friends League has been particularly full over the last few months. They've received a lot of relinquished animals.


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"We've attributed it to the economy, to housing, pet rent, the cost of dog food and veterinarian care," said Krider.

They've limited their pet surrenders to appointment only.


Mason's adoption ID # is: A0887164

"It just kind of depends on the dog itself. Most times these dogs are in here at least two weeks, maybe more maybe less," said Ammar Vaseemuddin, an adoption counselor at the Dumb Friends League.

For bigger dogs, there are some perks, some are already trained, might be easily able to assimilate to households and can keep up with someone with a more active lifestyle.


Navi's adoption ID # is: A0885195

To encourage more potential pet owners to consider a bigger dog, the organization has launched their Big Dogs, Big Hearts promotion. You can get 40% off the adoption costs of dogs that are 40 pounds or heavier.

"Small dogs are pretty popular around the community, but some dogs especially like pit bulls, large breed dogs, this kind of gives them more attention," said Vaseemuddin.


Humphrey's adoption ID # is: A0885709

By keeping track of the weight of each dog, they hoped to adopt out one ton of dogs, and it worked. They are halfway to accomplishing their second ton.


Leana's adoption ID # is: A0887851

The promotion has helped them adopt out more animals than they're taking in, for now. When the promotion ends in two weeks they believe the numbers will go back to where they were.

If you have the right home, the right lifestyle and a big heart, your next best friend could be waiting for you there.

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