Dogs impacted by Hurricane Ida flown to Colorado, will be cared for by local shelters

Posted at 3:48 PM, Sep 27, 2021

DENVER — It's been about a month since Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana and many areas are still recovering from the damage. Several organizations have stepped up to help with the aftermath, and on Monday, that included the Denver Dumb Friends League (DDFL).

DDFL orchestrated the relocation of nearly 40 dogs impacted by Hurricane Ida, who were flown into the state from Louisiana by Wings of Rescue, a non-profit organization that has flown more than 56,000 at-risk pets since 2012.

"All of their shelters were destroyed or they were found on the streets living in horrible conditions," said Peter Hoover, a Wings of Rescue employee who flew with the dogs.

DDFL will take about 20 of the dogs, and according to DFL Vice President of Operations Katie Parker, the rest will be split between "The Humane Society of Pikes Peak Region, The Humane Society of Boulder Valley and the Rifle Animal Shelter of Rifle."

The goal is to find these pups a new loving home.

"They can actually adopt any dog from any of our shelters, because that then frees up our resources to pour more into these animals," said Parker.

Many shelters in the Gulf states have been dealing with an influx of strays. Combine that with their lower adoption rates and you can see why Colorado has stepped up to help ease the crisis. That will give these furry little companions much better odds at finding a family and permanent shelter.