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Despite hot temperatures, Coloradans take to the outdoors

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Posted at 4:45 PM, Jun 13, 2024

DENVER — On one of the hottest days across the Front Range so far this year, Coloradans took to the outdoors Thursday to enjoy the day despite the temperatures.

"We came to the library and then we came to enjoy our time, the nice weather here in the creek, and see that it's been a pretty full nice weather day," said Carla Manvi, whose family was enjoying the coolness near Boulder Creek Thursday.

hot day kayaking.jpg
Boulder Creek

Although Boulder Creek closed to tubing and other single-chamber flotation devices on Wednesday afternoon, Manvi told Denver7 that simply sitting by the water was good enough for her and her family.

hot day sign.jpg
Boulder Creek closure sign

"We just love summertime," Manvi said. "It's wonderful."

Businesses like Alpine Base & Edge, which typically makes money renting out tubes and other floating devices, are currently closed because of the creek restrictions. Kris Steigerwald told Denver7 he understands the closure and wants those who recreation on the creek to listen to the rules and stay safe.

HOT DAY tube.jpg
Boulder Creek closed to tubing

"It's a bit of a pinch in the business in the beginning of the season, but it's nice to see because, you know, the higher the water levels are, once it does get down to a safe range, that's just going to make a really fun ride out on Boulder Creek once it gets done," he said.

In Denver, where it's only slightly hotter, the goal was the same as it was in Boulder: stay cool while enjoying the outdoors. Some took to Confluence Park to enjoy the water there, while others opted for a bike ride or walk.

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Confluence Park

Sophie Meredith hopped on a scooter to enjoy the afternoon.

"I was just scootering on the path, that was super fun, but just getting outside and staying hydrated," she said. "I'm 100% a huge summer sports gal."

Even on days like Thursday, Coloradans realize the hot days are only just starting.

"I love getting extremely hot and tanning. It's my thing. This is no problem," Meredith said.

hot day cherry creek trail.jpg
Cherry Creek Trail

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