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Denver Zoo announces name of otter pup

Jai the otter Denver Zoo
Jai the otter Denver Zoo
Posted at 7:28 PM, Aug 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-10 13:21:06-04

DENVER — The Denver Zoo's newest addition has a name.

The zoo welcomed a male Asian small-clawed otter pup on July 1. On Friday, zoo staff announced his name — Jai.

Pronounced "J-eye," the name has Indian and Sanskrit origins, according to the Denver Zoo. It means "victory and triumph."

Jai weighs just over a pound, the zoo said in a Facebook update. His eyes are still closed, but he has started squirming around in the den box.

First-time parents Pintar and Bu are adjusting well to parenthood and tending to Jai's every need, according to the zoo. Zookeeper Eric Bowker said otters are more family-oriented than many other species.

"We see mom kind of juggling with him," Bowker said. "It's kind of funny when she wants him in certain positions so she can clean him and stuff, she kind of uses him as kind of like a juggling ball almost and moves him around."

Denver zookeeper shares latest update on new otter pup

The otters will remain behind the scenes for the next few weeks. However, you can watch them through a live den camera during your next zoo visit.

Eventually, Jai will grow to be about 10 pounds and two and a half feet long.